Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy Buying Process

● I typically have 1-2 breedings per year, usually when I have 3-4 families on my waiting list
● Once pregnancy is confirmed, a $300 deposit is required to reserve a pup
● Both parents will have hips and elbows xrayed and be OFA Good or Excellent - OFA certification is available on request
● Eyes will also be checked for both parents with a certified ophthalmologist (ACVO) and the CERF/CAER form will also be available on request

Once pups are born

● I will notify everyone on the waiting list that pups have arrived.
● Families will be picking their pup once the deposit has been received, in the sequence they were listed on the waiting list.
● Visits are welcome and encouraged after pups are 4 weeks old. By this time their eyes are open, they are walking around and they are starting to show some personality.
● I will do my best to send weekly photos to prospective families
● If you cannot visit to pick your pup I will provide video’s and help you choose based on your family dynamics and the lifestyle the pup will be living.

Picking your pup Process

● You may tell me your pick at anytime after your deposit is received, but ideally I would like your favorite and one or two backups. I cannot guarantee which pups are available until the first families on the list make their picks
● If you specifically want a male or female, and based on prior picks, that sex is not available, I will return your deposit immediately.
● If you change your mind after making a deposit, your deposit will be returned as soon as that pup is sold. Once I have deposits I start turning families away so I need to contact them to see if they still want a pup, or wait for new families to contact me.

Socialization for your puppy

● Puppies will be well socialized when they go to their new homes. They will be familiar and comfortable with a crate,
they will have traveled on more than one occasion in the car, if weather permits the pups will have spent quite a bit of time outdoors, they will be very accustomed to being handled, including having their nails clipped, and they will
used to other dogs. In addition, many sounds will have been introduced to them, including vacuum cleaner and lawn mower.

● Pups will be comfortable wearing a collar, but will NOT have been introduced to walking on a leash.
● Pups will be about 85% housebroken as they will be let out frequently, but most importantly right before bedtime at night and early in the morning. In most cases, pups will hold it through the night rather than mess their crate.


● Besides the health checks done on the parents prior to breeding, pups will also have their eyes checked by an ACVO at approximately 6 weeks. Tails are docked ⅓ and dew claws removed at 2-3 days old. First distemper shots will be given at approximately 6-7 weeks of age. A series of 3 distemper shots are required at three week intervals. Then a booster is required yearly. Rabies is given at approximately 4 month of age. Pups will be wormed several times. A health record with all this information is provided with your pup so it can be given to your vet.
● Pups will have been eating Puppy Food for at least two full weeks prior to leaving for their new home.


Puppy package when bringing pup home

● When you come to pick up your pup you should bring the following: a crate for traveling, a collar, a leash, and a bottle of water and a water dish ( if you have a long ride home ).
● Puppy food: I will provide you enough of the puppy food I have been feeding to last you a few days. I feed Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food - Chicken and Rice. If you want to transition to another brand, mix the two kinds for several feedings to avoid upset stomachs and/or diarrhea. You should expect to keep your pup on puppy food for 6-8 months and then transition to adult food.
● AKC Registration Form
● Litter Certification (showing their parents and grandparents)
● Health record (shots and workings)
● Some helpful advice for the first few weeks; when and how much the pup is currently eating, housebreaking tips, using a crate, commands they understand, and some do’s and don’t s.


Responsible Breeder Guarantee

● While I cannot guarantee your family member will never get sick, I can and do guarantee that you will be taking home a healthy pup. At the time of your first Vet visit, if your Vet finds anything of concern, please let me know immediately. If the puppy, for whatever reason, does not fit well into your Home or with your family, or your circumstances change so that you can no longer keep the pup, please contact me. I will always take puppies back and work to find them a new home.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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