After losing our first springer of 15 years I never thought I would find another one that would meet our "standards"; boy was I wrong. Our Osage Springer not only got his first bird at 12 weeks old he has become our best friend, he is the most loving and loyal dog he loves all people and animals. We thank Bev Matthews every day for letting us take this perfect boy to be with us at his forever home. I highly recommend Osage Kennel for a hunting dog or just a companion.
Missy Benson

Good fortune and a recommendation from another breeder of field bred English springer spaniels led us to Osage Kennel and Bev Matthews. Thanks to Bev's guidance, we have a wonderful dog that matches our lifestyle and activities perfectly. Hiking, hunting or just hanging out, our pup, Summit, is everything we wished for and so much more--confident and curious, healthy and energetic, sweet-natured and affectionate. The product of thoughtful breeding selection, he is already demonstrating his bird hunting heritage with a great nose, eagerness in the field and stylish delivery--well on his way to becoming a top notch hunting companion. Our contact with Bev has been beyond professional. Always generous with encouragement and tips, she introduced us to a respected trainer who has helped us bring out the very best in our dog. Our experience with Bev Matthews has been positive from all aspects and we are proud to have an Osage pup.

I would happily take any dog bred by Bev. She aims to make the transition as easy as possible both for the dog and the new owners and she absolutely delivers on that. Our dog has the nicest character and slotted right into our family and our 4year old loves him. I will never get a dog from anywhere else!!


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